16 Ways to Make Yourself Limitless

November 14, 2015


There are certain moments when I feel lost. When it comes down to it, I’ve realized that we really only have ourselves to rely on for protection and defense, which is why it is of utmost importance that we take the time to bulletproof ourselves.

The key word for today is ‘limitless’ – in the sense that we can live a limitless life by taking the necessary steps to form the best, most tenacious versions of ourselves.

The world is slowly becoming a darker place – the economy is deteriorating, our politicians are corrupt, global warming is taking its toll for the worse due to our destruction of the ecosystem, and is it just me or are block buster films getting sh*ttier by the year? But there is no use to feel ennui towards this inevitable situation. The best thing to do is to learn how to survive and conquer our time alive on this planet, and if necessary, escape the oh-so-real zombie apocalypse that may come any minute now. I’ve met a lot of people who have grown paranoid of the world’s modern ways. We are basically tracked everywhere we go thanks to the iPhone’s stellar GPS system. Ongoing rumors about the government keeping their ears peeled on every single telephone conversation also don’t help. And while some ignore the terrifying signals that have come their way, I certainly haven’t. Neither should you.

We’ve all seen the Limitless movie starring kickass Bradley Cooper. And let’s be honest here, everyone left the cinema dreaming of and drooling over that NZT-48 pill. From the minute Cooper wrote the essay for the frustrated (and smokin’ hot) law student living in his building, us men have been wishing we had that kind of perennial mental power. This goes for the ladies as well, who we all know are equally as success-driven and power hungry.

We all wonder what we would achieve in this life if given access to that wonder drug. Would you turn from an underpaid accountant who hates his job to a thriving millionaire in a week? Would you learn all the languages in the world and use that power to your advantage? Would you finally gain the ideas and concentration to pursue your dream of becoming a successful writer? These ideal life stories are fun to imagine and ponder over, but once the bills come through the mail, reality hits hard and you realize that the divine capsule known as NZT-48 is nothing but a fantasy.

While we know that the movie is fictional and that NZT-48 will probably never exist (or be legalized for that matter, because who knows what the mad scientists are up to these days!), there are definitely ways to enhance yourself and achieve that limitless lifestyle. When I see successful people who have turned their lives around for the better, I see inspiration. I find hope in those who can work and train to make themselves as badass as possible. I’m talking about monster Mike Tyson in his best years and the legend Bruce Lee himself.

Being limitless can be interpreted in many different ways; some believe that finding true love is life’s ultimate goal, while others think that money and fame are two things that can make people indestructible. And even though those concepts can be valid to a certain degree, this article tackles the problem within ourselves. I’m sure you’re a great person. And I arguably am too. But in every human being lives a lazy, unmotivated, good-for-nothing scum that is holding you back from becoming invincible. Through my thrilling experiences in life, I have learned the importance of attaining certain skills and knowledge that can and should be used by everyone to make them the ultimate versions of themselves. It’s not easy to gain a limitless life, but similarly to how all things go, placing determination and perseverance into the equation is key.

Without further ado, here are 24 ways to make yourself limitless.

  1. Learn to pick locks like a Hitman.

Okay so first rule is simple enough to start with. I know this might sound lame, but hear me out. Even though picking locks is often associated with criminal purposes, this doesn’t have to be the case. You never know when you’re going to need this skill. It might be an unfortunate incident where you’re locked out of your house (dumb butt!) or perhaps you’re going to find yourself in a Mission Impossible-type situation. You’ll be surprised at how impressed people are with those can pick locks.

You may think that learning how to successfully pick locks takes hours of training, but a good 5 minutes (MAX) of practice with picks in your hands and you’ll be good to go. It seriously doesn’t take a licensed locksmith to figure this out.

The tools used to pick a lock vary, so take your pick (ha-ha). If you have ready-made metal tension wrenches or pick rakes then you’re good to go, but for the sake of this simple tutorial we’re going to be working with paperclips. So you’ll need two large paper clips and a plier to shape the paper clips (although a real man can just use his massive biceps).

With one of the paper clips, take the larger edge and unfold it twice to create a straight line. You can use the plier to bend a small section at the end of the straight wire upwards. This isn’t necessary but will increase the chance of success in the pick locking process. This pin will be your pick rake and should look like this:

(Picture courtesy of eHow)

With the second clip, straighten it out completely until you have one solid wire. Then take one end of the wire and use the plier to bend it all the way in (it should form two lines). Finish off this tension wrench by taking an-inch long section at the other end and bend it to a 90-degree angle. This pick should look like this:

(Picture courtesy of wikiHow)

Moving on to the fun part: the picking. Take your tension wrench first and insert the bended part into the keyhole. You are now going to rotate the wire in the direction that the lock turns. Be careful not to apply too much or too little pressure. Practicing to master the precise amount of pressure that should be applied is probably the trickiest part. Without removing the tension wrench, take your pick rake and insert it to the upper part of the keyhole and remove it with a jiggling motion. You want to be raking upward, because you’re essentially setting the pins inside the lock. Once you hear a clicking sound or feel a minor turn over, rotate the tension wrench with pressure to unlock the lock. Try it a few times and see how you go. Trust me, you’ll instantly feel like a badass once you get the hang of it.

  1. Try intermittent fasting for a faster, sharper, leaner you.

If you’re a food lover like me, don’t freak out over the term ‘fasting’ here. It’s not a starvation plan that will stop you from eating those juicy burgers and that mouth-watering pasta… well not permanently anyway! So what’s the idea behind intermittent fasting? Well it’s based on scientific research that we are actually consuming too much food. When we constantly gobble up on food without any breaks, we are going on unhealthy streak of over-consumption. Our bodies have a system of repairing itself when food is not present, and this is vital to our immunity and overall wellbeing. This concept goes back thousands of years ago. Humans needed to hunt for food to eat, and this can range from plants to animals. But the point is that attaining food did not consist of a 5-minute drive to the supermarket for some instant noodles. Our bodies are programmed to be able to endure fasting, because the reality was that we couldn’t get a stock of fresh meat every single day for the whole tribal family.

Intermittent fasting follows this idea of cycling between lavish meals and essentially, famine. There are different types or ‘schedules’ that can be followed to achieve intermittent fasting. One option is to eat as much as you want for 5-6 hours and to stop consumption for the rest of the day. Another possibility is to eat regularly for 4-5 days a week and then limit calorie intake to 400-500 kcal for the rest of the week. A sample schedule would be:

  • Monday: eat normally
  • Tuesday: limit of up to 500 calories
  • Wednesday: eat normally
  • Thursday: eat normally
  • Friday: limit of up to 500 calories
  • Saturday: eat normally
  • Sunday: eat normally

You can modify this sample schedule to match your particular lifestyle, or you could simply try the first option of eating for up to 6 hours a day.

So what are the benefits to intermittent fasting? Various scientific studies have shown that the following aspects of health improve through intermittent fasting:

  • Increase the HGH (human growth hormone), which is responsible for slowing down the aging process and burning fat. This is why most people who follow the intermittent fasting regimen lose weight.
  • Normalize “hunger hormone” levels (ghrelin). Urges to snack on chips or chocolate at midnight will most likely be reduced if not eliminated, because we have trained our bodies to survive and function on no food.
  • Reduce cell damage through oxidation. Ever heard of antioxidants? Well their job is to prevent our healthy cells from getting damaged by free radicals. Intermittent fasting can do the same.
  • Normalize insulin levels, which can reduce chances of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
  • Boost cell metabolism. The mitochondria in our cells are responsible for the generation of energy and this process can often be slowed down through excessive sugar intake. Intermittent fasting will signal your body to burn fat as opposed to sugar, which is beneficial for fitness and health.

Putting your body through intermittent fasting will not only provide a multitude of benefits, but it will also prepare you to control your appetite during times of scarcity.


  1. Master lucid dreaming. 

Lucid dreaming is the experience of dreaming whilst being aware that you are dreaming. I know you must be thinking of that movie Inception, but we’re not quite at that level yet. Still, the ability to lucid dream is pretty damn cool. Basically, we’re talking about the chance of potentially creating any kind of dream scenario you want, possibly being able to talk to yourself and discover new wisdom, and finally getting the chance to feel the exhilarating thrill of flying. Still not impressed? Lucid dreaming can allow you to reach other, unknown portals through your mind and even give you the opportunity to meet your heroes. The best part is that everything feels so real. For those of you itching to know how to achieve lucid dreaming tonight, I’ll get straight to the instructions.


The first technique is known as sleep breathing. When we are asleep, our bodies breathe in a particular way that differs from when we are awake. The trick here is to pick up your ‘sleep breathing’ and to mimic it while you are still awake in attempt to trick your body into thinking that you are asleep. You could just guess how your breathing patterns are during sleeping hours, but a more reliable way is to record yourself while sleeping. This will give you full access into the exact noise and movements that you make while sleeping. Once your body believes that it is sleeping, it will shut down and prepare for dream world. Your mind, however, is still fully awake and able to control or witness how the dreams go.While there are many ways to induce lucid dreaming, I am going to share with you two of my personal favorites that work like a charm for me almost every time. Oh and just in case you’re curious, I’ve had 8 full lucid dreaming experiences and to say that they were astonishing would be an understatement.

The second technique is to separate your body from your mind. When you lie in bed and are getting ready to sleep, you adopt a comfortable position that you try to stay in. When we stay in this position for long enough, our minds become confused and wonder whether we are actually asleep or awake. This is why we feel the urge to switch positions out of ‘discomfort’. But instead of succumbing to the pressure of tossing into a new position, stay completely still. You may then enter a body paralysis where you have no control over your body but are still aware of the situation in your mind.

Mastering lucid dreaming solidifies the ability to harness discipline over your mind even while unconscious. Having greater control over your mind provides clarity and the chance to be fully aware of external and internal factors.


  1. Open a foreign bank account.

Having an offshore account can provide you with a variety of advantages that you may not even be aware of. Firstly, opening a foreign bank account equals to higher interest rates for your deposits. If your home country is beginning to lower interest rates and mess with your savings plan, take action now and look for better banking systems abroad. Secondly, you are reducing the financial risks posed by your bankrupt, corrupted government. Another benefit is that you will feel more secure and experience less monetary-related anxiety after opening an offshore bank account, because you have taken the step of protecting your savings. It’s also great for travelling purposes and international business plans.

This perfectly legal action is actually much simpler than you may think. You need your identification, social security number and birth certificate to lodge an online application. The bank will then check your credit to see if you’re in a good shape. And voilà, you have your brand new offshore bank account.


  1. Learn first aid.

Knowing how to perform first aid is not only an essential survival skill for yourself, but it can also benefit those around you who experience injuries and/or illnesses. The first moments of an accident are terrifying, but learning the skills to perform first aid can give you the confidence to lend a hand and potentially save a life. I strongly believe that everyone should learn first aid skills because you never know when an accident can occur. And I’ll tell you a little story why.

When I was 19 years old I was walking home after watching a movie at the cinema with a few friends. I passed a friendly looking elderly man who popped a heartwarming smile as we exchanged looks. A few seconds later I heard a loud thump on the ground ­– he had dropped on his knees and was gasping for air. He was experiencing a heart attack, and there were only two other people on the street including myself. I rushed toward him while dialing 911 on the phone. He gave a slight but painful looking nod before going into cardiac arrest. He had stopped breathing and that’s when I started to really panic. I immediately performed CPR as best as I could. It worked and I managed to get him conscious again before the ambulance came. I saved the man’s life, and that’s something I am proud of to this day.

I learned first aid during my summer vacation by taking an American Red Cross class, but with thanks to technology, you can now learn it online for free. Simply register into online platforms such as FirstAidForFree.com and go through the modules.


  1. Get a second passport.

To get straight to the point, having a second passport basically means that you do not stand under the mercy of a single government. When your citizenship only belongs to one country, you are under the influence and control of that specific government’s rules. City under chaos? Go to your second country and escape from the mayhem instead of exposing yourself to danger right outside your window. Need a quick getaway without going through complicated visa processes? No worries, your second passport has you covered.

There are basically two ways to get this grand second passport. The first way is easy, convenient, but expensive. You essentially need to enter an economic citizenship program to be able to purchase your citizenship. This can be done by investing in a real estate property, which can cost up to $350,000. Not in your budget? Don’t give up just yet. You can also get a second passport by being a resident of a certain country and living there for a few years until the citizenship is granted. Singapore, for instance, offers citizenship if you join the Singaporean army for two years.


  1. Learn meditation to calm the mind in ANY situation.

Being able to compose yourself in frenzied situations is the ultimate way to prove to others that you are reliable, well grounded and most importantly, wise. Emotional maturity is so important and training yourself to achieve a state of Zen will benefit you in so many aspects. People try many different things to achieve this, but I personally fell in love with meditation. Learning how to meditate, and I mean really meditate (not the ridiculous humming nonsense you see on TV), can take months and even years to conquer. You can start practicing at home by yourself with free online programs or you can hire a yoga or meditation guru to help you through the process. I meditate for 15 minutes every morning and integrating this into my routine has genuinely changed my life for the better. I can cope with anxiety, I can control my emotions during stressful times and I can learn to deal with infuriating people in an effective way.


  1. Dress like a boss. 


I don’t care what anybody says – when you look good, you feel good and that’s a fact. Even if you only need to run a few errands or do some household chores for the weekend, start the day with a great outfit and you’ll see how much of a difference it makes in terms of productivity. I used to go to work wearing a white tee and jeans, but I decided to perform an experiment to see if I could work better if I wore a suit. Although I didn’t get smarter or gained more ideas, I was much more motivated to get things done. Wearing the suit convinced my mind that the task at hand was important and that I, as a professional, should try my best at it.


  1. Fire a gun.

Knock on wood, but you never know when you may need to use a gun one day. Under extreme pressure and with a lot of anxiety, shooting a gun is not as easy as you think. In fact, practicing how to shoot your gun should not only be done once or twice, but rather consistently. The easiest way to learn how to hit the bull’s eye is by going to a shooting range and receiving professional help. Go on WhereToShoot.org to find the shooting ranges near you.


  1. Learn to pilot a helicopter.

Who wouldn’t be impressed to know that you have a helicopter license? I mean come on! Even if it’s not the handiest skill to learn, it will definitely make you feel limitless. And that’s all that matters!

Enter a Pilot Training short course via HIA Membership Directory and get ready to set off. The courses typically take 40 hours, which isn’t bad considering the outcome. The only bad side to this is that it requires a lot of money. Unfortunately, learning how to fly does not come cheap, so you’re looking at around $8,000 for the license.

  1. Bio hack your memory.

Ever heard of Kwik Learning? If you haven’t, then listen up because we’re talking about some pretty revolutionary stuff. Jim Kwik, CEO of Kwik Learning shares with us ways to turn our cognitive abilities into “superpowers”. You can get an introduction to the concept by listening to Kwik’s podcast on Bulletproof Radio where he will teach you how important it is to sharpen your memory and how you can do so. Kwik Learning offers “Brain Powering” courses that teach you how to biohack your memory, improve reading time and enhance learning abilities.


  1. Cold proof yourself.

CT or cold thermogenesis is the act of exposing the body to extreme cold temperatures. As crazy as it sounds, CT can actually help burn body fat, enhance performance and toughen you up. CT is a learned process, and you can’t just plunge into icy-cold waters right away because your body will not be able to take it. I suggest trying out the 30-day cold shower challenge to ease your way into being a CT master.


  1. Learn survival skills. 

You may think that learning survival skills only applies to hardcore individuals who keep their lives filled with life-thrilling activities, but this is so not the case. Imagine yourself travelling with a loved one to a vacation destination you’ve dreamed of all your life when suddenly the airplane has an emergency landing. Or worse, it crashes. You survive for the mean time, but how long can you keep treading water in the ocean before exhaustion hits from lack of food and water? Or what if your city undergoes an earthquake and you need to escape your entire family before it’s too late.

Know your priorities and learn survival skills. Hell, watch a few clips from the Discovery Channel and you will surely be convinced. You can look up tons of great ones online, but an interesting article published on LiveStrong.com shows you how to use nothing but your pants to float in open water. You basically tie together the bottom of the pants into a knot. You then take your trousers by the waistline and swing it over your head to capture as much air possible. Next stick your head in through the opening and place the knot at the back of your neck. Hold the waistline and you will instantly float.


  1. Become a weapon. Learn MMA.

Again, this is not absolutely necessary, but no one wants to mess with a guy who takes MMA classes as a hobby. While they’re probably are other martial arts out there such as Brazilian Jujitsu, we’ve chosen MMA for this article because it encompasses Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Greco-Roman wrestling and a whole other set of skills that require sharp concentration and fluidity.


If you want to take MMA seriously then it may take you up to 10 years to master the skill. There is another option, however, for people who want a black belt just to feel limitless. And there’s honestly nothing wrong with that.Joining a mixed martial art will help boost both your body and mind – the physical aspects include extreme cardio workout, body weight exercises and weight lifting, and the mental aspects require extreme focus and the ability to think fast. MMA fighters must stick to a strict diet if they are to compete at the fighter levels. A nutritious, healthy balanced lifestyle is taught. More so, because the result could be you knocked out with potentially life-threatening neurological damage, MMA expects participants to execute pre-learned strategies while under immense mental pressure. Breathing techniques, staying limber and fluid with your movements and maintaining calm even if seemingly losing a battle and being potentially hurt by your opponent, MMA teaches the participant to remain composed and emotionless at times when most of us would crumble.

Entering a McDojo martial arts course is basically paying money to earn your black belt within a set period of time. For instance, you can pay $500 and earn your black belt within 1-2 years, even if you do not excel in the course.


  1. Master the art of successful communication.


The art of communication is one thing that everyone in the 1% should strive to achieve. 99% of people on this planet succumb to generic rules and live life being caged by societal expectations. But people such as you and myself, we are part of the 1% that want to aim higher, be stronger and live better.

Communication takes place verbally and through body movements. Never take granted the power that words could bring, for they allow you to be master manipulators. I’m not talking about being a scum and tricking people into bad situations just to play around, but learning how to manipulate people through the use of words can give you anything you want and make you invincible.

Here are 3 tips to start your path of becoming a master talker:

  • Talk faster and more eloquently.

This can take some time, particularly for those who struggle with verbal fluency. But practice seriously makes perfect. When you are alone and have time for yourself, create “pretend” conversations and attempt to speak at a faster speeds without stuttering. Even if you repeat yourself a few times, fast talkers have the ability to hypnotize those listening to them. You are basically bombarding the other person with a series of information that they may or may not understand. Speaking quickly with utter conviction also creates a sense of urgency, which leaves people in slight shock and with no choice but to agree or abide by you. Note that speaking quickly does not mean suggest speaking frantically. You can talk fast and still have a very calm tone.

  • Use emotions.

While talking to someone, find out what makes them emotional and use it to your advantage. Hitting people’s soft spots is the best way to convey your point and get what you want.

  • Know more stuff.

Expand your knowledge by reading, listening or watching as much information as you can. You can never stop learning and the more you know, the more power you have. The thing that makes people most unreliable is making irrational statements without backup evidence. Don’t say you’ve “heard that pineapples are good for the heart” when you haven’t actually read a scientific study proving so.


  1. Biohack your own brain with Nootropics.

Relating back to the Limitless movie reference earlier, nootropics are practically the closest thing we have to the NZT-48 pill. Nootropics are cognitive enhancing supplements that can improve all aspects of the brain including memory, focus, mood and more. I first learned about these bad boys from my very successful boss who always keeps at least three different nootropic supplements on his desk at all time. They caught my attention firstly because of their cool bottle designs ­– the manufacturers aren’t playing any games and don’t settle for crappy vitamin bottle look-a-likes. After asking him about the supplements, his eyes seemed to gleam with excitement. He told me he swears by these products and would recommend them to anyone “worthy” enough. Blimey!

Nootropics essentially provide you with a mental edge. Depending on the product, (and the nootropic ingredients in its formula) benefits can range from giving you laser-like focus to boost productivity, enhancing memory by allowing you to revisit those dusty photo albums at the back of your mind, and some can even reduce anxiety, while improving mood, confidence, AND induce “Lucid Dream states”. I’m always eager to find ways to self-improve, so the day I encountered these neuro-enhancers was a pretty exciting one!

For those concerned with the thought of side effects, you can relax, because nootropics (despite not yet being mainstream) have been around since the 1950’s. Nootropics work by doing all manner of wonderful things, but namely increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain to help the neurotransmitters create ATP energy (the stuff that powers us!). Some nootropics act as vasodilators which work to lower anxiety and therefore increase motivation and mood – the more “distractions” in our heads, the more likely we are to procrastinate. By regulating the release of neurotransmitters in the brain, nootropics can also increase production of serotonin, for instance, which is responsible for making us happy and normalizing sleeping patterns.

The ingredients vary from brand to brand, but I took my boss’ recommendation of trying Avanse Nutraceuticals Lumonol. This product contains a powerful nootropic formula that can optimize mental performance and enhance concentration. It seemed to be very well received on the various nootropics sites on the web and I can now see why…

I used to wake up feeling lethargic and with brain fog no matter how many hours of sleep I got. Days at the office were dull and uneventful, but Lumonol provided me with the mental stimulation I needed for higher energy and increased focus. It seems as though I am not the only one to experience heightened mental capabilities with Lumonol, as praise seems to be given all round.

I think what made me so relaxed about trying something as new as nootropics was that we here at Top Sleep Aids already know and love the same manufacturers’ sleep formula Luna. Avanse Nutraceuticals created Luna to specifically target better sleep quality. I would also like to recommend Kirkland Sleep Aid, Nytol, Neuro Sleep & Sominex as sleep formula.This is a great way to induce sleep, have better nights and wake up feeling refreshed and with no brain fog! If you haven’t been sleeping well for the past few days (or even months!), you’d be wise to grab yourself a bottle here.

Live life in the fast lane and make your mind limitless with nootropics.


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