5 Reasons You Can’t Fall Asleep

January 10, 2016

Most people who struggle to get to sleep and who can’t seem to stay asleep aren’t fully aware of the reasons as to why they keep encountering the same nighttime problems. If you often find yourself unable to sleep and battling sleeplessness then read the following article to pinpoint which culprit you should blame for your sleep issues.

  1. Your room is not pitch dark.


I know that some people can’t sleep without a light on, but if you regularly struggle with sleeplessness then it’s highly suggested that you turn off all the lights in your room, including the subtlest glow from your phone or alarm clock. The tiniest amount of light can still go past your eyelids and enter your brain, thereby inhibiting melatonin (sleep hormone) production.

Solution: In order to make sure that you can actually get to sleep tonight, turn off all the bedroom nights and keep those eyelids shut.

  1. You take vitamins before bed.


Some people take their multi-vit’s before bedtime, which is okay, if you’ve never had and are confident that you never will have sleeplessness issues. A regular multivitamin typically contains Vitamin B12 and B6, which may help increase energy levels and improve brain function. You can now see why taking your vitamins in the morning is a better option, right?

Solution: Pop those pills right after breakfast before work and you’ll be good to go!

  1. You’re too hungry.


Going to bed on an empty stomach will only lead to a lot of hungry tummy growling through the night. We’re not saying that you should load up on the midnight snacks, but having a healthy, filling meal 3-4 hours before bedtime is extremely important, particularly for us who often have trouble sleeping.

Solution: If you’ve had dinner but are still hungry then opt for a protein-filled, low-calorie snack such as a handful of almonds. P.S. Almonds are also packed with high levels of magnesium – an essential nutrient for sleep.

  1. You’ve been on your phone, laptop or watching TV before bed.


While going through the Instagram home page and looking at cute pictures of puppies and kittens may seem like a relaxing thing to do before you hit the sack, you’re not actually doing your brain any favors. Staring at an electronic device actually sparks up your brain cells and turns on a lot of lights up there in the head. This makes checking e-mails a bad decision for those of us who often can’t fall asleep and always have sleeplessness problems.

Solution: Instead of flipping through the different channels or watching your favorite series, it’s recommended that you do something that would calm your brain and signal it to reduce activity rather than stimulate nerve cell communication. A great option would be a 5-10 minute yoga routine.

*For more information about this, check out our article about yoga poses for sleep.

  1. You haven’t used an-natural, superb quality sleep supplement.


Assuming that you’ve been struggling with sleeplessness issues for a while now, you’ve probably searched up some of the most well-reviewed sleep supplements available, hoping to find the best of best. You may have even bought yourself a bottle or two of what you think is the best sleep supplement available. But if you haven’t gone for one of our Editors’ Choice Awards then you’ve certainly been missing out on the absolute best sleep supplements in the market.

Solution: Our top pick would have to be Lumonol Luna by Avanse Nutraceuticals. Our favorite aspect of Luna is that it’s formula is not only designed to help get you to sleep but it can also provide the brain with cognitive boosting benefits. For instance, each capsule includes 25 mg of passionflower herb, which can help reduce anxiety and is perfect for those of us living a demanding lifestyle. Lowered stress levels will not only help you tackle sleeplessness but it will also allow you to wake up with better focus and concentration abilities.

If you’ve tried everything from yoga to acupuncture to help get to sleep but are still struggling with wide-awake eyes throughout the night then it may be because you haven’t tried the best sleep supplement. Taking Luna 20-30 minutes before sleep will have you feeling more relaxed and ready to power down after a long, hard day. Stop ruining your mood, energy levels and ability to reach goals by having poor quality sleep. Get yourself this affordable sleep supplement and experience what it’s like to get to sleep fast and to sleep well.

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