6 Supplements for Brighter Mornings

November 12, 2015

If hearing your alarm blasting in the morning is your worst nightmare, this article can be used to your advantage. For years, I, like many, have put in the effort to keep track of my sleeping habits in attempt to achieve brighter, more refreshed morning. The reason simply being that getting 6+ hours of sleep every night doesn’t cut it anymore. Even when I prioritize sleep by ignoring the unruly urge to watch another episode of The Walking Dead, I still wake up with brain fog and lethargy.

While discussing the topic with my friends, the majority of them seem to agree. Just when we think that getting 7-9 hours of sleep is key to feeling alert and energized in the morning time, we’ve learned that there are many more things to consider. Of course, exercise is a given. Keeping your body active and staying healthy is definitely an important player when it comes to boosting overall energy levels. Having a well-rounded diet is another no-brainer. Fueling your body with necessary nutrients and minerals not only improves general wellbeing, it also increases mood. But there must be something that can help us fight through those gory Monday mornings, something that will allow us to leap out of bed eager to seize the day. As we age, that top-of-the-world feeling in the morning begins to fade away. But does it have to? My answer is no, and here’s why and how.

There are basically two types of supplements that can help improve our energy levels and state of mind in the morning: (1) sleep enhancing supplements and (2) mood boosters. For each category, we will provide a few of the best, most effective ones.

CATEGORY 1: Sleep enhancing supplements

Most of us are living our lives, trying to make the ends meet. With a lot of stress and anxiety, our brains get more and more tired and worn-out. While sleeping is the best mechanism to recharge, getting a little help to make our sleep quality better wouldn’t hurt.

  1. Chamomile
    Many people try synthetic sleeping aids in hope to fall asleep faster. Although it works to do so, they can make you feel groggy and even more agitated in the morning. When this is the case, try going for a natural sleep-inducer like chamomile. Chamomile has powerful anti-anxiety effects that will help you feel calmer and more at ease – the perfect way to end the day. This is because chamomile does not contain the caffeine that regular teas do. The taste is very soothing and the warmth of the tea will also put you in the mood to cuddle up and sleep.
  2. 5-HTP
    Anti-aging specialist Dr. Frank Shallenberger explains that the reason why we “still wake up tired no matter how much sleep we got” is because of a lack of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. 5-HTP is a supplement that can be used to help you reach REM sleep by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter that regulates mood and sleep. When our serotonin levels are imbalanced, we experience lethargy, inability to sleep, irritability, etc. So not only can this natural nutrient supplement help you fall asleep faster, it can also make your moods more elevated in the morning.
  3. Magnesium Glycinate
    This one goes out to all who really struggles with sleeplessness. Magnesium glycinate is naturally found in the body but it also available as a supplement. It is known as the most powerful mineral to help with insomnia, as it increases the amount of melatonin in your body. Melatonin is a sleep-inducing chemical released by the pineal glands in the body. By supplementing with magnesium glycinate, you can kiss those sleepless nights goodbye.
  4. Glycine
    Glycine is a sleep-aid that not only induces sleep but also regulates sleeping patterns. Similar to Magnesium Glycinate, it works by producing more melatonin in our body. People who use glycine have experienced the ability to fall asleep faster and a reduction of fatigue in the morning.


CATEGORY 2: Mood boosters

  1. Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR)
    One of the most popular energy boosting supplements is ALCAR. It helps to increase cellular metabolism and thus energy production in the body. Although starting your day with a pill of ALCAR won’t exactly give the same effect as chugging down a caffeine-loaded energy shot, it will significantly reduce overall fatigue. ALCAR users have consistently reported feeling much more alert and less tired in the morning time. We recommend taking around 500-1,500 mg of ALCAR a day to really feel the effects.
  2. Vitamin D
    Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D is an amazing mood booster. We get vitamin D naturally from the sun (thus the given name), but recent findings published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that a whopping 75% of all Americans are deficient in the vitamin. Depression has closely been correlated with a lack of sufficient vitamin D – another statistical fact that shows just how important this supplement is. Vitamin D works by improving the function of dopamine ­– our “feel-good” neurotransmitters ­– and norepinephrine ­– a neurotransmitter in charge of producing adrenaline. By working on our brains, which are the main hubs of mood regulation, we can feel a lift in mood and alertness. Taking a Vitamin D supplement in the morning will have you feeling better for the rest of the day.

Try out some of these supplements and you will definitely feel more refreshed and energized upon waking up. If taking individual supplements is too much of a hassle then you may want to try a ready-made product that packs in all the necessary compounds, such as Lumonol Luna and Sominex

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