Paint Your Bedroom Wall These Colors to Induce Sleep

December 15, 2015


For people who have some serious problems falling and/or staying asleep, keep in mind that every single component of the bedroom environment plays a role. Whether it’s your neighbor’s dog barking clamorously or the temperature of the room being slightly too hot, anything and everything can provoke the chances of you falling into sweet, long slumber. If you’ve tried everything from limiting the cups of coffee you drink a day to buying a supposedly sleep-inducing candle, but still find yourself unlucky, maybe it’s time to think about your bedroom wall color.

When designing your bedroom, ‘serenity’ should be the word you have in mind. Besides, there are other spots around the house to play loud music in or have people over. Whilst creating this serene space of yours, the color of your walls is definitely something to prioritize. But can the difference between one color and another really determine whether or not you catch some decent sleep tonight? Science says yes.

Researchers have brought it to the test and shown that people who stay in a bedroom with blue colored walls sleep an average of 7 hours and 52 minutes per night – very close to the ideal amount that you should be opting for. That’s because the color blue brings positive and relaxing vibes. Meanwhile, those who stay in bedrooms with purple colored walls only slept an average of 5 hours and 56 minutes per night. The difference is astounding, which is why investing in some decent paint and dedicating this Sunday to redecorate your room may be one of the best decisions you make this year.

“Well, what if I really hate the color blue?”

There are other colors to choose from which did not fall far behind blue during the survey. These include silver, pale yellow, green and pastel orange. Keep in mind that the colors should be soft and gentle to the eyes – anything too vibrant can be a distraction. For instance, red colored walls have been correlated with higher blood pressure.

“Can’t I paint the walls my favorite color, which is (pink)?”

Yes. Just because the general survey showed that there are 5 top, specific colors that help people sleep more, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go with your own taste. Get your pink on, but remember to go with a pale, dusty shade of pink instead of hot pink. This will help your room achieve that calm and soothing atmosphere that we’re looking for.

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