Pillow Talk: How To Recover After a Bad Night’s Sleep

January 15, 2016

Couldn’t sleep last night? To all the weary eyes and groggy zombies this morning, listen up! I see you over there sipping on that hot cup of coffee, struggling to keep your eyes opened and feeling worse than your hungover-18-year-old self did. Maybe watching a ‘few’ more episodes of GoT wasn’t such a great idea after all. But perhaps last night’s sleep havoc was utterly out of your control – was it the baby crying all night again? I feel you.

Lacking a good night’s rest-eye is probably the worst way to start off your week. But keep your chins up folks because there’s definitely hope when it comes to the department of bad sleep. Most of us want to learn how to get good sleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling brighter and more energized. Well, here are 4 tips for this tiresome morning that will help bring a bounce back to your step after a long night of sleeplessness.

  • Use the classic coffee + nap technique (Hint: It works!).


To everyone who couldn’t sleep last night, here’s a classic pump-me-up technique that’s guaranteed to work. It’s simple: chug down a small cup of cold coffee and set your alarm to 20 minutes. Then proceed to take the best nap of your life. How does this work? Basically, 20 minutes is sufficient time for the caffeine to actually kick in and start stimulating your nervous system. Additionally, 20 minutes is just enough time for you to catch up on some sleep during the day but it’s not so much time that you’ve overcompensating.

  • Ladies, get your makeup gear out.


One of the worst things about not getting enough rest-eye is waking up looking like…well, let’s just say not looking quite your best. For girls, this can be a good opportunity to experiment with some bright lip colors. Swiping on a vibrant red lipstick, for instance, will get people to pay more attention to your lips rather than focusing on your entire face (ahem, tired eyes).

Another option is to use black liner on your upper lash-line and white liner on your bottom water line. This will brighten your eyes and make you appear much more awake. Forget the fact that you couldn’t sleep last night because girl, you lookin’ awfully fine this morning!

  • Get pumped by listening to a super cool playlist.


If you couldn’t sleep last night and ended up tossing and turning for long hours then there’s a good chance you’re not in the best of moods today. During that awful, tiresome commute to work, make sure you have ready in your pocket an upbeat, energizing music playlist that you can rely on to get pumped. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to opt for the best EDM tracks of the year! Rather, listen to some of your favorite tracks that will help make you feel more uplifted and put a smile back on that awesome face.

  • Take a sleep supplement before the following night.

Having barely slept last night, it’s natural that your instinct to fix the problem is by sleeping as much as you can tonight. But that, my friends, would be a huge no-no. This is where taking a good quality sleep supplement comes in. Instead of choosing a low-cost sleeping pill that will provide you with no real benefits, other than knocking you out for 12 straight hours, try going for a better and healthier option.

If you are new here, you could start with our Editors’ Choice Winner for last year –Lumonol Luna. Luna’s formula consists of the perfect blend of natural, sleep inducing ingredients and cognitive boosting nootropics. So essentially, not only does Luna help get you to sleep but it will also have you bursting out of the bed the next morning feeling more refreshed than ever before. You may also experience sharper focus and lowered anxiety levels thanks to the nootropics, or cognitive enhancing supplements, packed in each Luna capsule. On the hunt for the best sleep supplement available? Look no further than Luna.

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