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What is it?

You’ve got a pounding headache and can’t seem to get to sleep. You’ve Googled ‘natural ways to get to sleep fast’ and tried it all – from drinking some hot chamomile tea to doing a 5-minute relaxing yoga session, but nothing seems to work and the pain in your head is only making things worse. Here’s where today’s product comes in – Advil PM is a pain reliever and sleep aid with a simple formula and a reasonable price. Some people want to double check by reading a few reviews before actually buying a product. If you’ve landed on this page hoping to read a comprehensive review on Advil PM then you’re in luck because we’re going to provide you with detailed information about its ingredients, side effects, results and cost options!

What’s in it?

Advil PM contains two active ingredients: Diphenhydramine Citrate and Ibuprofen. The first one on the list is an antihistamine that can be used to make you fall asleep and stay asleep. While it’s not the healthiest and safest sleep aid option (there are a lot of more natural ingredients available for long-term use!), Diphenhydramine Citrate typically works on most people to induce sleep. When using a product containing Diphenhydramine Citrate, we recommend that you take it on an occasional basis to ensure that your body does not rely on an ingredient to fall asleep.

The second one on the list, Ibuprofen, is a well-known painkiller that may relieve symptoms of minor aches. Advil PM only contains 200 mg of Ibuprofen, so don’t assume that it would work on something like severe back or knee pain.

What can it do for you?

Since Advil PM contains Ibuprofen, it is a product that would be most suitable for those who cannot get to sleep due to minor pain (headaches, stomach aches, toothaches, etc). For instance, one user who suffers from arthritis in the knees commented: “It seems to work well enough, but it takes a long time to take effect.” Meanwhile, another consumer wrote: “I slept, but I woke up the next day feeling like I’d stayed up drinking all night. I probably won’t try these again.”

These comments were to put bluntly, expected. The two ingredients included in Advil PM’s formula are good but definitely not the best available. If you suffer from sleeplessness more than just once or twice a week then the better option would be a sleep aid supplement containing natural ingredients, such as Valerian Root Powder.

Is it safe?

Advil PM should be safe when used occasionally. Although Diphenhydramine Citrate is not typically known to be an addictive compound, you should not allow your body to rely on a supplement to get to sleep. We would also only recommend for you to use Advil PM when experiencing some type of pain.

How much is it?

When it comes to Advil PM’s price, you’ve seriously got nothing to worry about. There are two options available: a package of 40 caplets for $7.64 or 80 caplets for $11.69. These prices vary depending where you buy the product. Your options include, or any local retailer in your area.

Final Judgment

Advil PM is most suitable for those who suffer from sleeplessness due to pain related issues. If you suffer from migraines, for instance, taking 2 caplets of Advil PM before you hit the sack would be a great idea. The price of the product is also very reasonable, meaning it should be accessible to everyone looking for a sleep aid. With that said, if you’re looking for a sleep aid that can help you wake up feeling more energized then you’re at the wrong stop. More often than not, supplements such as Luna, which contains natural compounds (Chamomile, Valerian Root Powder, etc.) will help bring back that bounce in your step come morning time.

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