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What is it?

Alteril claims to be a premium grade sleep aid that can help your body achieve the sleep it needs. Alteril is an alternative to harsh, prescription sleeping pills that typically come with many side effects such as addiction. If you are interested in buying this product then keep reading to find out whether or not it’s worth the purchase.

What’s in it?

Alteril includes a safe, natural list of ingredients such as glycine (50 mg), melatonin (4 mg) and L-trytophan (666 mg). It also consists of a 260 mg proprietary blend of herbal extracts such as valerian (our favorite!), chamomile, and GABA. So far, we are quite impressed with the choices that Alteril has included in their formula. Melatonin, for instance, is a natural hormone produced in the body to help regulate sleeping patterns. Meanwhile, valerian is a powerful herb that has been used for centuries to cure insomnia and induce sleep. And what sleeping pill can go without GABA? GABA essentially works by lowering your brain activity and signaling your body that it’s bedtime.

What can it do for you?

While we don’t doubt that Alteril’s formula is good and can effectively bring results to the table, let’s take a look at what other customers have experienced with the product:

Renter from said: “The problem for me, and possibly for others, is side effects […] I had heard of skullcap before, but had never taken it. I already have trouble with a slight arrhythmia, so, now that I know the most common side effects of skullcap, I’m not really surprised that this product exacerbated that problem.”

Elizabeth C. from said: “…Alteril definitely helps – I now get 5-7 hours per night, which is perfect for me. I recommend that others try it, and hopefully Alteril will help.”

Steffy from said: “…The first night I took it I had the most awful vivid dreams . I actually didn’t realize I had slept until I remembered the dreams .I took it two more times and had severe palpitations and elevated blood pressure .It did not help me sleep but made me feel “spaced out” ” and irritable the next day.”

Is it safe?

Most of the ingredients in the formula are safe and should cause any major side effects when used by a healthy adult. However, if you suffer from arrhythmia or other heart issues please be aware that the formula contains skullcap, which may cause irregular heartbeat.

How much is it?

The bottle contains 60 tablets and the recommended dosing is 2 tablets prior to bedtime. For a month’s supply Alteril costs around $20, depending where you choose to order your product from/buy it at. If you decide to make an online order then you can do so using or

Final Judgment

Alteril is a quality sleep aid with a formula that contains some very effective ingredients, such as GABA and valerian. However, as we looked through the reviews available online, it was clear to see that not everyone was impressed by the product – in fact, some people experienced bad side effects while others had scary, vivid dreams. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Alteril is a bad product – it simply suggests that it won’t work the same way for everyone. If you’ve given Alteril a try and found that the results weren’t as great as you wanted them to be then check out our Editors’ Choice Award 2015 product winners for better options.

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