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What is GNC Natra Sleep?

Natra Sleep is an all-natural, herb-based sleeping aid. While herbal supplements are praised for their ability to work without causing side effects, they are often questioned in terms of overall effectiveness. There’s always a trade-off – even though you may not get the side effects, will a sleep enhancer work if it doesn’t contain proven substances such as melatonin and tryptophan? Keep reading to find out.

What’s in it?


Natra Sleep’s formula is composed of 5 herbal extracts: passionflower, lemon balm herb extract, valerian root, chamomile flower, suntheanine l-theanine. While the chemicals in passionflower and chamomile flower do produce calming effects, the main sleep-inducer in this product is valerian root extract.

Valerian root extract has been quite well researched. Numerous studies have shown that valerian can reduce the amount of time it takes for someone to fall asleep and help them stay asleep without disturbances or awakenings. It works on the brain and nervous system as a sedative and causes sleepiness and relaxation.

What can it do for you?

Users who have experimented with Natra Sleep seem to get a taste of either end of the spectrum. In order words, they either love it or hate it and there is no in-between. Those who really enjoyed the product said it helped ease them into sleep and allowed to get into a relaxed state. A friend of mine actually encouraged me to write a review on this product because of how great it has worked for her. She has trouble staying asleep, so popping 3 of these capsules before bed really helps her to go through the night without any nightmares or sudden awakenings.

However, a quick search through does reveal that some people would not agree. It “did not work”, “caused dizziness instead of sleepiness” and “smelled funny”. Certain people have built a tolerance for sleeping aids and thus need something with a little bit more of a kick. In this case, Natra Sleep may not be the right choice.

Is it safe?

While these herbal extracts are safe to be consumed at the given doses, there are possible side effects from taking valerian root extract, including headaches and drowsiness. However, these are very minor side effects and only last for short periods of time. If you experience any kind of side effects then we recommend you to discontinue use and consult a doctor. As with all sleeping aids, please do not consume it in the daytime or while operating machinery.

How much is it?

GNC sells each bottle of Natra Sleep for $19.99. Each bottle contains 100 capsules, so taking 2-3 pills per day would make the product last around a month. If you’re wondering why the price is so cheap, it’s because of the simple, natural-based formula.

WARNING: There are fake versions of this supplement being sold online. In order to prevent the scam, we recommend that you buy the product from your local GNC store or from GNC’s official website.

Final Judgment

Natra Sleep is a herbal supplement that works well to support restful sleep. Although it is definitely not the best or most effective option in the market, we appreciate their approach of using all-natural ingredients. If you have severe insomnia then we would not recommend this product, as it is quite mellow. However, if you are prone to stress and need a supplement that can help you relax at night then Natra Sleep may be the way to go. Another reason to give Natra Sleep a try is to stay under that monthly budget. The product is quite cheap and would meet the needs of many of us who can’t afford to spend a whopping $50 for a sleeping aid. Nonetheless, please keep in mind that there are better choices with stronger formulas, such as our editors’ top 3 choices.

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