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What is it?

Jamieson Laboratories is a well-respected, Canadian supplement company. Their sleep aid product, Relax & Sleep, is designed to help those with anxiety to relax and get a good night’s rest. If you’re someone who suffers from constantly faces stress at a day-to-day basis, this supplement may be the perfect choice for you to de-stress and release some tension. A lack of sleep can cause some serious health issues, so if you do suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness then make sure you address the issue by getting yourself a good quality sleep aid. Can Relax & Sleep provide you with the help you need? Let’s find out.

What’s in it?

Relax & Sleep basically contains a blend of 4 herbal extracts: 50 mg of Valerian root powder – a herb with sedative properties that can help you unwind and relax before hitting the sack, 20 mg of catnip extract – a gentle herb (it’s even appropriate for children!) with soothing properties that can relax the stomach and induce sleep, and 25 mg of passionflower extract – this compound has calming effects on the body and effectively works to help you fall asleep.

Overall, Relax & Sleep has a good, gentle formula that may work to help you fall asleep with a peaceful, relaxed state of mind. We don’t spot any red flags, so the coast is clear!

What can it do for you?

Here’s what a few customers have commented about Relax & Sleep:

Yifan Zhou on Amazon.com wrote: “Prefer these over melatonin. My only complaint/negative is that it smells awful, but I’m assuming that it is due to the ingredients.”

IMHO on Amazon.com wrote: “[…] shouldn’t take this product continually. I take a break on my days off from work. I’ve done the continuous use and I don’t feel it’s as effective. And my last caveat is that if you are going through any major stress in your life, which for me was hardcore training for a new position at work, then it may be hit or miss. I like that fact that this is (more) natural and does help me avoid the hardcore sleeping pills.”

Is it safe?

The ingredients included in the formula are gentle enough that they shouldn’t cause any major side effects. If you take the product and experience mild grogginess in the morning, please know that this issue is normal and will go away with time. However, if you continue to experience bad side effects then discontinue use and see your physician.

How much is it?

Relax & Sleep can be purchased via ChickAdvisor.com, Amazon.ca or Well.ca. The bottle contains 60 capsules and the recommended dose is 2-3 capsules before bedtime. Depending on your tolerance and use of the product, it could last between 20-30 days. The price is on the official website is CDN$10.29 (US$7.44) but you could get it for cheaper if purchased on Amazon.com. This price is definitely a steal.

Final Judgment

Relax & Sleep is a very gentle sleep aid supplement that may work to reduce tension and help you fall asleep. If you have occasional sleeplessness or are very sensitive to sleep supplements then this could be the product for you. However, for those who have chronic insomnia or suffer from serious sleeping disorders then we recommend choosing a product with a more effective formula. Feel free to choose from our top rated products by clicking here.


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