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What is Kirkland Sleep Aid?

Kirkland Sleep Aid is a nighttime sleep aid with the active ingredient doxylamine succinate. Although we were initially uninterested in this product, a quick search online tells us that it’s quite popular and well known. Since we see that many people are curious to know the effects of this product, we decided to try it ourselves and write a review that details our experiences with Kirkland Sleep Aid.

Before we get into the product’s ingredients and results, however, we would like to briefly go over the causes of insomnia, so that our readers hopefully have a better understanding of their situation. Insomnia is oftentimes caused by stress, a disruption in our natural circadian rhythm (sleep pattern), or in less common cases, sleep apnoea (a breathing issue that leads to inability to sleep). And while it would be ideal to simply skip sleeping altogether and do more important things, our bodies need sleep to recharge and stay healthy. A good night’s rest leads to brighter mornings with more energy available, increased motivation, and better mood. So a good sleeping aid should relieve sleeplessness while providing us with the support we need for higher energy levels and improved mood the next day. We hope that Kirkland can achieve this! Let’s put it to the test.

What’s in it?

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Tablet

Servings Per Container: 192

Amount Per Serving:

Active ingredient (in each tablet):
• Doxylamine succinate 25 mg (Nighttime sleep-aid)

As you can see from the supplement facts label, the active ingredient in Kirkland Sleep Aid is doxylamine succinate, which is an antihistamine. It is a substance used to treat allergies because it blocks the effects of histamines and acetylcholine, but it can also work to induce sleep and help people stay asleep. In fact, doxylamine works more effectively to help those with insomnia rather than those suffering from allergies.

What can it do for you?

Our own personal experience with the product showed some very positive results. A close colleague and I decided to try this product to battle our sleeplessness issues. I have been having trouble sleeping for the past two weeks due to stress-related issues while my friend has suffered from insomnia for around 1 year. We followed the directions given and took 1 tablet 30 minutes before bedtime. It took about 1 hour before I began to fall asleep but I slept like a baby that night. I also woke up feeling refreshed and not lethargic at all. When I asked my colleague about her experience, she said that she hadn’t slept that well in ages. She was very impressed with the product and how quickly it worked. However, unlike me, she did not feel energized in the morning. She actually felt a bit drowsy and had a hard time waking up. Nonetheless, she was happy with the results.

The customer reviews available online vary ­– some claim that the product didn’t work at all while others swear by it. However, the majority of people (~70%) seem to think that their purchase was worthwhile.

Is it safe?

There are no serious side effects tied with this product, but as always it is best to stick to the recommended dose and follow the directions properly. Since this is a sleep aid supplement, do not take the product during the daytime or you may experience drowsiness and tiredness. Additionally, do not take beyond the suggest serving size or side effects such as drowsiness, headaches, irritability will most likely appear.

WARNING: Please avoid alcohol consumption if you are taking Kirkland Sleep Aid to ensure safety and prevent side effects.

How much is it?

You can buy Kirkland products in Costco or in any local retail and grocery stores. Another option is to buy the product online through or A bottle of 192 tablets costs around $5.99 depending where you purchase from. Although this price is extremely cheap, please keep in mind that there is only one ingredient included in the formula.

Final Judgment

Kirkland Sleep Aid is a good sleep-enhancing product, but it’s definitely not the best. The simple formula works for most people to support better quality and deeper sleep. However, there are people who have complained that its use of a single ingredient simply makes it a weak product. A colleague and I had good experiences with it, so we wouldn’t mind recommending this product.

Again, this product only aims to quicken the time it takes for people to fall asleep and to increase sleep quality. It does not claim to improve mood and energy levels in the morning. Although you may not think this may be of importance, please remember that the goal of a having a good night’s rest is to feel great the next morning. There are products like Lumonol Luna that aims to better sleep and improve mood, cognitive function and motivation, all at once! Since there are more and more companies that are including nootropics in their products, we believe that Kirkland’s simple formula is good enough but not nearly as competitive.


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