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What is it?

Luminite is a sleep support with a simple, all-natural formula. With 8 ingredients, Luminite aims to promote deep sleep and quicken the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. The manufacturers take pride in their product and advertise it as a “revolutionary sleep formula”. Although we personally wouldn’t use the word ‘revolutionary’, the product is definitely good when it comes to safety. Unlike many sleeping aids, Luminite has not been shown to cause dependency and addiction. However, this is most likely tied with its use of all-natural ingredients. Although we are big fans of Mother Nature and all the goods she provides, we have realized through years of experience that the best and most effective supplements are typically composed of both natural and synthetic compounds. If you want to find out what Luminite consists of and what it can do for you, then keep reading.

What’s in it?


As mentioned above, Luminite’s formula meets the standard but is quite a typical herbal blend. The most important substances are GABA, Melatonin, Passion Flower Herb extract and L-Glycine.

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid) is a natural neurotransmitter that works in the cerebral cortex by calming nervous activity. In simpler terms, GABA is basically our natural sedative. It helps us remain calm during stressful situations and promotes relaxation. If you increase the amount of GABA in your nervous system by including it in your supplementation, then you may feel more relaxed and tranquil, which is the perfect state for sleep. The recommended dose of GABA is around 250-750mg according to, so Luminite’s formula falls short at only 100mg.

Moving on to melatonin, which is a hormone naturally released by our pineal glands to help control our sleep and wake cycles. Melatonin is a common substance that is used as part of supplements to help with jetlag and insomnia.

Passion Flower is a very exotic and bright flower that has calming properties. Passionflower extract has been used to treat anxiety and sleeping problems. The chemicals in this colorful plant work by inducing sleep and reducing muscle spams.

Lastly, L-glycine is an important amino acid that not only supports the immune system but also works on the transmission of chemicals in the brain. L-glycine diverts the actions of cortisol (stress hormone), which results in calming effects. However, there is a lack of scientific evidence to backup the effectiveness of l-glycine. Users who have experimented with the substance have had both successful and futile experiences.

What can it do for you?

Luminite promises to help you fall asleep quicker, achieve better quality sleep and feel rested. I have tried Luminite and although it wasn’t bad, I didn’t feel that it was anything that special. After trying sleeping aids like Luna and Ambien (which are strong and very effective), Luminite does not quite meet the benchmark. After taking 1 capsule before getting ready for bed, I still didn’t manage to fall asleep for about 3 hours. When I finally did get to power down, I did have quite a restful sleep. I didn’t have any nighttime awakenings, which usually happens often. However, I did not wake up feeling particularly refreshed or energized. So long story short, it’s an average product.

The other customer reviews available online conflict each other. Some say that the product is wonderful and that it works very quickly to induce sleep while others say that it’s nothing but a waste of money.

Is it safe?

The generic formulation of sleeping aids may cause drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth or lethargy. If you try Luminite and experience any of these symptoms then please discontinue use and visit your physician. However, Luminite’s formula is quite light and based on a lot of customer’s experiences, side effects are definitely not the main concern.

How much is it?

A 30 capsule count costs around $18-25 depending where you buy the product. Even though the price of the product itself is quite reasonable, the overall value may be the biggest problem. Luminite’s formula contains very low dosages of the ingredients; for instance: only 20mg of Chamomile Flower is included when a minimum of 200mg is needed to produce effects.

Final Judgment

Luminite is effective at first but its effects quickly wear off. Although it may be a good sleeping aid in the short-term, it is very easy to build a tolerance for this product. If you are someone who occasionally has sleeping problems then it may be a good idea to try it, but if you suffer from long-term sleeplessness or insomnia then you may want to consider reaching out for one of our editors’ top 5 choices instead. Although Luminite may not seem expensive at $25, we feel as though such low doses of ingredients (and thus low potency) do not merit the price. Basically, if you are sensitive to sleeping aids or have a lower body weight then Luminite may be a good choice. Otherwise, stick with the pros and get yourself an effective sleeping aid.


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