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What is it?

Mind Boost Complete is a pack of 2 supplements that Simple Smart Science promises is the “key to superior performance.” One of these supplements, Mind Boost Night Formula, is a product that can help you get to sleep and support brain health during your shut-eye. We became interested in the product when one of our dear friends recommended the Day formula as a daily cognitive boosting supplement. This led to us to get to know the Night formula, which supposedly can help fight against depression, improve mood and reduce stress.

Trying your best to get improved sleep quality becomes somewhat of a necessity when you start turning into a grumpy, lazy version of yourself. In fact, if you often experience fatigue, are constantly unfocused, have a hard time staying motivated, and are irritable ­– WAKE UP because it’s time to get yourself a proper sleep aid that can help get the wheels of your life turning again. Let’s find out whether Mind Boost Night Formula is the sleep aid you need.

What’s in it?

Truly enough, Simple Smart Science is quite simple indeed. Mind Boost Night Formula has a formula of 4 ingredients. These ingredients are sedating and won’t knock you out the way other sleep pills will. They do, however, support a healthy sleep cycle and promote the quality of your sleep.

  • AshwagandhaHelps signal your brain that it’s time to power down and get some rest. Ashwagandha is a natural herbal supplement that contains anti-anxiety properties that may help make you feel more relaxed before bed.
  • ChamomileHelps calm the mind and put those anxious thoughts aside. Chamomile is a tonic used to help sleep and fight insomnia for hundreds of years. We were also happy to learn that Chamomile can protect against the development of cancer.
  • Rhodiola RoseaWorks by reducing anxiety without making you feel tired or drowsy. People who use Rhodiola Rosea love the slight energy boost that they get from taking the supplement.
  • Lemon BalmA tonic that has helped those with anxiety to deal with stressful situations in a better, calmer way.

What can it do for you?

The ingredients in Mind Boost Night Formula do have calming properties so don’t be surprised if you start to doze off about 20-30 minutes after taking the product. After our trial with Mind Boost Night Formula, we learned that sometimes, the simpler the formula, the better it works.

We had doubts that Mind Boost Night Formula would work at all because it only contains as little as 4 ingredients. But we were definitely proven wrong. Three of our members woke up in the morning (after taking the product the night before) feeling bright and refreshed. Although no improvements in cognitive function were notable, we must admit that we like Mind Boost Night formula as a sleep enhancer.

Is it safe?

We didn’t come across any harmful side effects, but a couple of reviews online mention drowsiness the next day. If you’re not used to using sleep supplements then it’s quite possible for you to feel a little tired the next morning. If this continues to happen over the next weeks, though, it means your body isn’t digging the formula too much and that you should stop.

How much is it?

$49.00 for a month’s supply and a 120-day money back guarantee. A bottle for $49.00 is certainly quite expensive for a regular sleep supplement. We can name you a bunch of other brands that include pretty much the same ingredients (and more!) for a cheaper price, such as Lumonol Luna.

Final Judgment

Mind Boost Night Formula is a blend of 4 relaxing ingredients that will help get you in the mood for some shut-eye. A lot of people have terrible sleep habits because they’re not maintaining a good lifestyle. For instance, if you’re eating a bad diet and not exercising, then don’t be shocked if you keep tossing and turning in bed. A supplement like Mind Boost Night Formula may help, but we still suggest that you make some big changes to your life in attempt to improve it. The product promises to improve cognitive function while you sleep, but our team personally found more luck with that when using Lumonol Luna. It’s up to you to decide whether Mind Boost Night Formula is worth the purchase – it just makes more sense to go with the cheaper but better option.


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