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What is it?

Some of us strongly believe in the power of Mother Nature and choose only to use herbal remedies to treat and alleviate health problems. Whether your reason of choosing herbal medicine is because of its reduced risk of side effects or cheaper costs, you’ll be excited to know that Nidra Pure Sleep Support is composed of a completely natural, Ayurveda Physician certified formula. Since sleeplessness is an issue that the herbal world is very much aware of, there is multitude of ingredients to choose from to induce sleep and promote better quality sleep. We can only hope that Nidra has chosen all the right ones. Learn more about Nidra’s ingredients, side effects, results and cost from our review.

What’s in it?

Nidra’s formula works “in synergistic fashion to help you sleep.” So what does the product’s 2,100 mg blend consist of? Get ready for some pretty interesting names. We’ve got ourselves some Jatamansi – a herb that not only induces sleep but can also improve cognitive function in terms of memory and focus, Ashwagandha – a very popular herb in Ayurvedic medicine known to reduce anxiety, Khurasani Ajwain – a herb with mild sedative properties, Tagara – a flower with relaxing effects, Dhamasa – a vibrant purple plant that nourishes the body with antioxidants, Poppy Seed – yes, the stuff they use for heavy drugs like Heroine is actually helpful and perfectly safe to use for sleeping problems when taken in small doses , Nutmeg – a spice that when taken in mini dosages can calm the body and mind, and Sarpaghanda – an Indian plant said to have been Gandhi’s ultimate tranquilizer of choice.
What can it do for you?

So we checked out some online consumer reviews just to see how other people have responded to the product. Initially we thought that Nidra would be popularly praised for its effectiveness and lack of side effects but it’s become very apparent that Nidra’s herbal formula fits the needs of only some people and not others. The following two comments pretty much sums up what we’re talking about…

Angie2B on wrote: “I love it. I have used this product occasionally when I am unable to sleep. It just made me relax to get to sleep and have a good rest. I like it very much because it does not produce the drowsing effects of other couple of medicines I have tried in the past. I decided to give this product a try because it advertises is all natural ingredients and it worked fine for me. If you are one of those people like me who refuses to use pharmaceutical medications at all costs unless it is absolutely necessary, I found that this Nidra product solved my sleeping problem without making me addicted. I give it 5 stars!”

The MGM on wrote: “I understand that herbal remedies work differently for different people. I was (naïve) optimistic that this product might offer some relief and/or improve the duration and quality of my sleep […] OK, so it didn’t work for me. Maybe it works for other people, so why give it a 1 star review? IMO, this product earned a 1 star review with its label, which indicates that it is most effective if taken “with a warm glass of milk.” Oh really? No mention of a warm bath with lavender Epsom salts? […] The suggested dosage is 3 to 4 pills per night. So the manufacturer is conceding that you might have to take 20 to 40 of these pills and go more than a week without sleep before you benefit from them! […] What a disappointment.”

Is it safe?

Nidra claims that because its formula consists of ingredients that “come from earth – not a laboratory”, it will not cause harmful side effects. That sounds great and all but please keep in mind that different people have different reactions to things. Poppy seed extract may work great for some but perhaps it will make you lethargic and drowsy. If you take the recommended dose and feel very groggy or unwell in the morning then you may want to reduce the dose or discontinue use for a few days before trying again.

How much is it?

Since Nidra is a pure herbal supplement it’s natural to expect the product to come at a very cheap price. Well don’t count on it. A bottle of 90 capsules costs $39.95 and you’re meant to take 3-4 capsules before bedtime. While it’s definitely not the steepest price tag we’ve come across, most sleep aids out there are sold for a lot cheaper.

Final Judgment

Some people know exactly what their bodies need in order to function at an optimal level. If you’ve experimented with supplements before and have found that your body responds well to herbal medicines rather than synthetic one then Nidra could potentially be a really great sleep-aid option. Its formula purely consists of different herbal extracts and tonics, all of which have relaxing effects and can set your body and mind to a peaceful state before lying down for some decent Zzz’s. This herbal formula, however, appears to be too mild for some users who have severe insomnia. There’s no harm in giving the product a try, but some people would consider $39.95 to be a little too much for plants in a bottle.

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