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What is it Nytol?

So you’ve tried lots of sleep aids as well as natural remedies to be able to power down, but nothing seems to be working. Having insomnia or trouble sleeping is not merely an annoyance, it’s a legitimate problem that can cause some very negative effects on your life and general well being. Whatever the cause of your sleeplessness is, there are effective ways to fix the issue without damaging your health.

Nytol is used to treat mild sleeping problems such as occasional difficulty falling or remaining asleep. Since it is a sleep aid, it is not designed to put you to sleep instantly, but a few of my colleagues shockingly did experience an almost immediate knock out. Nytol does have an herbal alternative for a lighter effect, but their original formula should produce more prominent results.

So if Nytol works quickly, why haven’t we put it on our top 5 choices? As aforementioned, sleep aids are not meant to cast a sleeping spell over you. They should work gradually and help you feel relaxed in order to induce sleep in a natural, noninvasive manner. If you’ve seen Nytol in your local retail store and wondered whether the product is worth buying, keep reading and you may just find the answer.

What’s in it?

Nytol contains a single ingredient called diphenhydramine hydrochloride. This chemical falls under the category of sedative antihistamines, so it dazes you and produces a sense of sleepiness.

What can it do for you?

I personally heard about this product from a few of my colleagues who occasionally use it if they have sleeping problems. Although not huge fans of Nytol, they use it for those stubborn nights when falling asleep becomes a tiring chore. The reason why Nytol is not their favorite sleep aid is because it makes them feel “fuzzy” in the morning. This fuzzy/dizzy feeling typically disappears within a few hours, but who likes to start Mondays feeling worse than you normally would? When looking through the customer reviews online, we noticed that some people seemed to share the same experiences as my colleagues. The word “fuzzy” definitely appeared more than once, and not in a good way.

A positive comment that nearly everyone seems to agree on is that it works quickly. Within 30-40 minutes, you will find yourself drifting into your dreams. We understand how irritating and troublesome insomnia can be, so if being able to fall asleep quickly is your main priority, then give Nytol a try.

Is it safe?

All supplement products can cause side effects and the ones associated with sleep aids are typically: drowsiness, dry mouth, dizziness, unsteadiness, headache, etc. To answer the question, yes Nytol should be safe for healthy adults. According to Drugs.com, you should not take Nytol if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, are taking sodium oxybate, or breast-feeding. To see a full list of conditions and situations that may interact dangerously with Nytol, please visit Drugs.com.

How much is it?

There are packs of Nytol containing 32 capsules that cost around $7-9. The product can be found in nearly every single retail, convenient or grocery store. This may be the best aspect of Nytol – it’s very cheap and easily obtainable.

Final Judgment

Basically, Nytol is a good sleep aid if you’re looking for a quick fix. The good sides to the product are that (1) it is effective and can put you to sleep within 30-40 minutes and (2) it is very affordable and easy to find. However, since it does use a single chemical ingredient, it may cause dependency and would not be too great for your regular sleeping pattern. If you prefer something that could be beneficial in the long term, check out our editors’ top 5 picks!


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