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What is it?

So today’s product is another non-habit forming, natural sleep aid that relaxes you before bedtime and promises to help boost brain function by promoting quality sleep. Most of the time, we are unable to get to sleep or achieve good sleep because the tiny neurotransmitters in our brain, which make up our cerebral chemistry, are unbalanced. For instance, high levels of stress throughout the day can cause an excessive release of cortisol, which later may lead to restlessness. Redd Remedies understands this underlying problem and chose specific ingredients to include in At Ease that can restore brain chemistry balance. Redd Remedies is a very trusted company that has been known to release high-quality products. So can At Ease finally give you that blissful sleep?

What’s in it?

Most natural sleep aids contain pretty much the same group of ingredients such as Valerian, Lemon Balm, Magnesium, GABA, etc. Which makes you wonder how some are better than others, right? Well in order to create a groundbreaking formula that is both safe and effective, the supplement company manufacturing the product must not only consider which ingredients to include but also the dosages of each compound, which compounds interact the best together, etc. Here are the main ingredients included in each serving of At Ease:

  • GABA 150 mgWhen it’s time to sleep, our body signals the brain to power down. In this process, certain neurotransmitters in the brain are released to lower brain activity, one of them being GABA.
  • L-Theanine 50 mgA wonderful addition to every sleep-aid supplement. L-Theanine has the magical power of making you feel calm without getting drowsy, groggy or nauseous.
  • Healthy Sleep Blend 200 mg
    • California Poppy ExtractPopular compound used to treat insomnia. California Poppy extract comes with chemicals that induce feelings of relaxation. The only problem with the product is that its long-term effects have never been clinically tested.
    • Hops ExtractWhile the Hops plant is mostly known for its ability to preserve beer, the extract can also be used to help people who have sleeping problems. Beyond its sedating effects, the hops plant also has antioxidant properties, making it a good daily-use supplement.
    • Lemon Balm ExtractA calming herb that relaxes the body and mind, preparing you for a restful night.

What can it do for you?

Ingredients such as L-Theanine and California Poppy Extract in the formula will help you feel more relaxed, keep those eyes shut and calm the mind from nervous thoughts. Meanwhile, hops extract and lemon balm will make your mornings feel more refreshed after having quality sleep. One customer from mentioned that the product helps with “anxiety, stress, fatigue, thyroid.” Meanwhile, an expert review from mentioned how “Increased awareness of stress and how to handle its consequences in a natural, healthy way with At Ease.”

Is it safe?

The ingredients in At Ease should not cause any adverse side effects when taken at the recommended dose and at appropriate times (before bedtime). One ingredient, California Poppy extract, however, has not been clinically tested for its effects in the long-term (more than 3 months). None of the customers online mentioned anything about side effects, which is a good sign! We hope that your experience with At Ease will be a good one but if for some reason you don’t respond well to the product then it’s best to discontinue use.

How much is it?

At Ease by Redd Remedies is definitely one of the more affordable sleep aids out there in the market. You’re meant to take 1 capsule before bedtime meaning the bottle of 30 capsules will last an entire month. You can order the bottle from or the company’s main website for $20.20 or $25.99, respectively.

Final Judgment

According to consumers on, At Ease by Redd Remedies works pretty well to calm your nerves, reduce stress and essentially, get you to sleep. The formula contains some powerful sleep-inducing ingredients like Lemon balm and L-Theanine, so it’s not surprising that the product is able to perform to a certain extent. Not too many comments point out how the product affects mood and energy levels in the morning, which is somewhat disappointing. The best sleep aid shouldn’t just knock you out but also help you spring out of bed in the morning feeling refreshed and energized. So while we’re sure that At Ease can help get you to sleep, we’re not confident enough to say that it’ll definitely restore your energy levels. In spite of that, the product comes at a good price (approx. $20), so even though you try it and feel like it’s no good, your wallet won’t suffer too much.

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