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What is it?

So the product that we’re going to be looking at today is a little different to what we usually review. For those of you who are sick of popping pills to get peaceful sleep, how does a spray product sound? Rescue Sleep Night Spray by Bach is designed for people who, after a long a stressful day, can’t seem to calm down and put their thoughts to rest. Nothing feels worse than when your body is exhausted but your head just won’t stop with all the worrying thoughts unending ideas. Let’s have a closer look at Rescue Sleep Night Spray to check out whether this little mouth mist is worth the purchase.

What’s in it?

Rescue Night Spray contains an interesting and unusual blend of herbs and tonics. But that’s not all we look for in a formula! A great sleep aid supplement should contain natural compounds that not only induce sleep but also regulate brain chemistry in a way that allows you to feel refreshed in the morning. So what do you get after applying 2 sprays of this stuff to your tongue?

  • White Chestnut flower essenceA lovely pick for a sleep supplement. The biggest reason as to why so many people can’t get to sleep is because their head is filled with worrying and repetitive thoughts. Dr. Bach calls this situation “a gramophone state of mind” and promises that White Chestnut is the single most effective compound that can calm down a troubled and restless mind.
  • Star of Bethlehem plant extractA herb recommended for those who suffer from insomnia and recurrent sleeplessness.
  • ClematisThe Clematis herb works for those who have irregular sleeping patterns and who often feel lethargic and unfocused during the day. When we don’t get enough sleep we often struggle to concentrate, which is why the creators of Rescue Night Spray have included a herb in their formula that helps bring you back to reality and stop daydreaming.
  • Cherry PlumThe Bach company claims that Cherry Plum is a useful supplement for those who have the “fear of mind being over-strained.” This is quite a strange statement but perhaps there are people who have this issue. Then again, Cherry Plum has not been clinically tested to show any real medical benefits.
  • Rock RoseA medicinal plant that may work to reduce anxiety and panic attacks. However, there is insufficient evidence to show the mechanism of this plant and whether it is actually able to bring benefits.

What can it do for you?

Since Rescue Night Spray’s sleep formula is very, very different to anything we’ve ever seen before, we grew very curious to see whether or not it actually works on people. Luckily, there’s a great number of online consumer reviews available online. One customer from wrote: “Great little spray. A must for frazzled parents of young children! Helps me unwind and drift off when my brains going into over drive.” However, other comments were leaning more towards the negative side of things. Here’s what another customer wrote: “so far nothing… tried for a week…first night i fell asleep; however, not sure if it was because i was truly exhausted. second night nothing… third night sleep 3 hours then woke up… and unable to get back to sleep even after 4 sprays…so may be not the right product for me…” Similarly, a consumer from commented: “I have used resuce remedy and like it a lit how it calms me down but this product did nothing for my restless sleep.”

Is it safe?

Since most of the ingredients used in the formula have not undergone clinical testing it is difficult to determine the safety and potential side effects of Rescue Night Spray. Based on most of the reviews that we’ve seen online, though, the appearance of side effects doesn’t seem to be a topic popularly discussed.

How much is it?

Rescue Night Spray is sold on, and The price of the product varies depending on which retail store you buy it from, but the official website sells it for $20.55. To use the product, you are suggested to apply 2 sprays on your tongue before bedtime.

Final Judgment

Rescue Night Spray’s formula specifically addresses issues relating to anxiety, panic and worrisome thoughts. The inability to sleep can be caused by a great number of reasons, but if anxiety is not your biggest problem then Rescue Night Spray may not be the best choice. The ingredients used in the formula are quite unusual and most have not been scientifically proven to work but some people have found luck by using them. The spray is sold for quite cheap ($20.55) so there’s no real harm in giving the product a try. However, based on our experiences with sleeping products, we believe that sticking to well-researched herbal ingredients such as Valerian root, Lemon Balm and chamomile, is a better path to take.

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