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What is it?

Never heard of Ronnie Coleman before? He’s the massive bodybuilder who won the Mr. Olympian bodybuilding title 8 years in a row. Considered as one of the best and most successful bodybuilder of all time, it was no surprise that Coleman released his own line of supplements.

One of the products from his line is Resurrect-PM, a sleeping aid that promises to support muscle growth and recovery during your restful shut-eye. You may be reminded of Schwarzenegger’s Iron Dreams recovery supplement, and we have to admit that the two do share certain similarities.

Resurrect-PM is a sleep enhancing supplement specifically designed for gym rats, fitness junkies and active people who make exercise a part of their daily schedules and thus need extra recovery support. Growth hormones, particularly in the muscles, are released primarily during sleep. It is for this reason that Resurrect-PM’s formula nourishes the muscles during sleep, leading to “recovery and anabolic growth support” and “lean muscle growth”.

What’s in it?

Here is the full supplement facts label of the product:


There are 12 main ingredients; 9 of which are listed under “growth and repair complex 3,289 mg”, meaning we don’t know the amounts of the individual substances.

It is clear that the formula is fitness-oriented – aka it includes many vitamins, amino acids and NO’s (Nitric Oxide), which help support muscle recovery and enhance physical endurance. L-Arginine, for instance, breaks down into Nitric Oxide in the body. NO increases blood flow throughout the body and transfers more oxygen into your muscles. This reduces muscle fatigue and helps reduce lactic acid (toxic stuff!!) buildup in the muscles. The main benefit of NO, however, is increased muscle pump – we’re talking about that tight post-workout muscle feeling.

Another ingredient that we were happy to see is GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), packed in at 1,000 mg. GABA is an extremely popular supplement used to achieve restful sleep. It works by inhibiting the impulses of other neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, glutamate and epinephrine, for instance, can fire too often and cause us to feel excited), thus promoting relaxation and calmness. Many users continue to report how amazingly GABA works for them to promote good-quality, tranquil sleep.

Meanwhile, the formula also includes L-theanine, another substance that contains relaxant properties. L-theanine is an amino acid that promotes the production of GABA once it reaches the brain. This quiet downs any firing neurotransmitters and chemicals and allows us to feel more relaxed.

Lastly, the famous creatine gluconate has been packed into the blend. Creatine allows longer and more intense sessions at the gym by providing muscle fibers with a boost of energy. Creatine has also been shown to increase muscle strength and to support lean muscle growth.

What can it do for you?

Resurrect-PM makes three main claims:

  • Recovery and anabolic growth support.
  • Supports lean muscle growth.
  • Promotes deep and restful REM sleep.

The promises regarding muscle growth and recovery are mostly covered by the ingredients: l-arginine, creatine, l-ornithine and zinc sulfate. Meanwhile, L-theanine and GABA are responsible for deep sleep. While these two compounds do promote feelings of relaxation and tranquility, they do not directly increase the amount of REM sleep you get per night. Other supplements such as valerian root and melatonin, for example, work very well with GABA to enhance deep sleep and regulate sleep patterns. A customer on has reported feeling “What it (the product) lacks is that “I’m Awake!” feeling that I would get with bulletproof (another product which has been discontinued) after 8 hours, so if you’re not a morning person, this isn’t going to help you get up any faster.”

Is it safe?

There are no adverse side effects linked to this product, except for (obviously!) feeling sleepy. Remember that this is a sleep enhancing supplement so make sure to take it at night about half an hour before bedtime.

How much is it?

A tub of 25 servings costs about $28 depending on which site you purchase it. You can order from, or via This price is definitely reasonable for a post-workout, pre-sleep supplement. The formula is solid and should work for most people.

Final Judgment

The only downside to this product is the sleep-inducing complex in the formula. The main two ingredients that promote restful sleep are GABA and L-theanine, which despite their proven effectiveness, may not work for everyone. The formula could be improved by adding more compounds that reduce stress and alleviate sleeplessness such as chamomile, magnesium glycinate or melatonin. If you’re a serious athlete or gym junkie then we don’t see why you shouldn’t give this product a try. Otherwise, look through our top 5 rated sleep-enhancing supplements to find products that work for everyone.


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