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What is it?

Sleep MD prides itself for being an all-natural sleep aid. For quite some time, Sleep MD was the most popular sleeping aid available in the market. This quickly changed, however, as more and more companies began selling much more advanced formulas.

What’s in it?

There are two different formulas that we found for Sleep MD. One of them includes white willow bark, valerian root, lemon balm extract and hops. This formula is very gentle and may not work for people with persisting insomnia. The other one consists of chamomile, magnesium, calcium, melatonin and CoEnzyme Q10. The only active ingredient here would be melatonin, which has been proven effective to induce sleep and can be used to regain natural sleeping patterns if consumed at 1-3mg per night. However, since Sleep MD does not disclose the dosages of each ingredient, we cannot make a proper evaluation of its formula.

What can it do for you?

Although the reviews that we found online (mostly from and consist of both positive and negative ones, we realized that the bad aspects of Sleep MD outshine the good ones. A few examples of the reviews we found:

“I’ve used different sleep aids in the past, and thought I’d give this one a try since a local drugstore had a hard-to-beat deal on it. Most sleep aids work wonders on me, especially the first time I take them. I’ve tried this on 4 very different nights, and I have not once felt any effect from it. I am going to guess that it could be that I’m overweight, and would require more medication, but I’m not about to take more than one of those at a time to test out the theory. I’m glad it works for others though.” –

“My husband and I both used this product for several weeks. It did help us fall asleep faster but not necessarily stay asleep, in fact seemed to interfere with normal sleep patterns. My main concern with the product is that I started experiencing sudden sadness, near depression-like symptoms, which is not like me at all. I reviewed the ingredients again and after researching online realized that the main active ingredient is Melatonin, which has been linked to depression (among other side effects) for some users. My husband did not experience this, but he does take a heart med, and Melatonin counteracts with heart medications! A lesson learned — even if a product states that it’s “all natural” you should consult your physician before taking it.” –

Is it safe?

There are no side effects associated with this product, which may be Sleep MD’s best aspect. However, if you are sensitive to sleeping aids then you may experience dizziness, dry mouth or sleepiness the next day. There are a few customers on who have pointed out feeling symptoms of depression after taking Sleep MD. Please consult your physician if you are concerned of any side effects.

How much is it?

A pack of 30 caplets costs around $25. You can buy the product in your local retail or grocery store, but if you prefer online shopping then visit or Although $25 may not seem like a lot of money, the value of the product falls slightly short of what we expected. With products that can bring a variety of benefits for only $3-5 more, Sleep MD may be a bit too ambitious with their pricing.

Final Judgment

While Sleep MD made a very good first impression, the results we saw from the product did not quite meet our benchmark. Yes, there are a few users who had very good experiences with the product, but overall people seem to be unimpressed. While Sleep MD can help you to stay asleep, it does provide any benefits whilst you sleep, nor does it help you wake up feeling more energized. Since we have experimented with sleeping aids not only induce sleep but may improve cognitive function or support muscle recovery at the same time, you can imagine why our standards are quite high. The sleep aid market is definitely a competitive one, so to encounter a good product like Sleep MD that, although could work, lacks a bit of sparkle, is just…ordinary and mundane if anything. But above all else, the manufacturer’s decision remain vague about the formula is probably Sleep MD’s weakest point. As a customer, you should know exactly what you are consuming in order to prevent health problems.

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