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What is it?

A formula specifically engineered to help with occasional sleeplessness, Solid Eight by HerbaLogic is a liquid supplement that has received quite a few positive feedbacks. HerbaLogic claims that Solid Eight can promote relaxation, lower body temperature, reduce anxious thoughts, and quickly get you to sleep. The company also highlights the product’s formula, which is composed of traditional Chinese herbs that can bring results almost instantaneously. The product has been very well promoted so a round of applause to HerbaLogic’s marketing team, but we wonder whether Solid Eight can live up to our expectations and actually be able to help you get those 8 solid hours of sleep.

What’s in it?

So HerbaLogic has specifically chosen to stray away from ingredients like Valerian and Melatonin – not sure if that’s the best decision but we’ll talk about that more in the results section. First things first, what’s in this magic herbal potion?

  • Zizyphus jujubeA Chinese remedy for restlessness, anxiety and disturbing dreams.
  • PatriniaSimilar to Valerian root, Patrinia contains sedative properties that may induce sleep and fight insomnia.
  • AnemarrhenaA northern Chinese plant that relieves anxiety and improves sleep quality.
  • PoriaCalms the nervous system, clears the mind from tension and promotes restful sleep.
  • Szechuan lovageA Chinese herb that can help keep you asleep and improve the quality of sleep.
  • LicoriceCan be used to treat insomnia due to its stress-reducing properties.

What can it do for you?

We’re going to start off by talking about the flavor of this supplement because a lot of people are concerned with the taste of liquid products. To use Solid Eight you’re meant to mix 20-40 drops of the product with some water. We’ve noticed that the more water you use to dilute the product, the less potent the flavor, so if you get it right you probably won’t taste anything. So that’s one thing checked off from the list.

Now moving on to the actual delivery of results. Solid Eight didn’t knock us out, which we consider a good thing but a lot of customers out there are actually to get that strong, sleep-inducing kick. Instead, around 30 minutes to an hour after drinking our big glass of tonic water, we felt physically and mentally relaxed. You basically enter this zone where all the tension in your muscles have suddenly disappeared and all the racing thoughts in your head kind of clear away. So Solid Eight definitely did help us get into the mood for sleep, but some of our users still woke up a few times during their sleep.

Here’s a fun fact – ALL of the customer reviews that we found online about this product were positive – which was eerily surprising. Seriously, we couldn’t find a single negative comment about Solid Eight on the Internet. That’s strange and not because we want to devalue the product (it’s actually pretty good!) but reality is that not every product works for everyone. Or is Solid Eight an exception to this fact? Best-case scenario is that people who have been impressed with the product wanted to share their results with others, while those who weren’t too happy with their purchase simply couldn’t be bothered to make a comment. Worst-case scenario? Let’s not get into that.

Is it safe?

None of our testers experienced harsh side effects other than a mild headache during certain mornings after using the product. The ingredients in the formula are pure Chinese herbs so they haven’t been extensively tested in the way that ingredients such as Melatonin has. For now, the formula should be safe to use by healthy adults.

How much is it?

We’re looking at $26.95 per 59 mL bottle. The standard serving size is 40 drops mixed with water before bedtime but you may need to add or decrease this amount depending on your situation and tolerance. Quite well-priced for a herbal sleep-aid supplement.

Final Judgment

HerbaLogic’s Solid Eight is a well-priced, well-formulated sleep aid that helps to relax the mind and body. We had good experiences with the product but felt like the formula could use a few more potent ingredients. If you’re a chronic insomniac then Solid Eight’s formula probably won’t work for you – then again, it’s not designed to treat such symptoms. If you’re looking for a super mild sleep formula then Solid Eight should be one of your top picks. Otherwise, get yourself something better and stronger, such as our favorite product Lumonol Luna, for pretty much the same price.


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