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What is it?

Swanson’s Condition Specific Sleep Essentials is a melatonin-based supplement designed to induce sleep and help you wake up feeling more refreshed. While this product used to be quite well-known, it’s clear that a lot of newer, more advanced formulas have crept their way into the market over the past few years. Nonetheless, this dietary supplement is used by many before bedtime to achieve a relaxed state of mind and of course, some decent Zzz’s. Let’s check it out in more detail.

What’s in it?

Swanson Sleep Essentials’ formula includes 100 mg of valerian root powder – one of our favorite sleep-inducing herbal extracts, 75 mg of chamomile powder – great compound to relax the mind and help you reach a tranquil state, 25 mg of GABA – the perfect ingredient to signal your brain that it’s time to rest, 50 mg of passionflower – a powerful herb with sedative effects, and more. So far, we are definitely fans of Swanson’s formula. The fusion of all-natural relaxants is the perfect way of creating an effective sleeping supplement that works without giving harsh side effects.

What can it do for you?

This is what customers have commented about Sleep Essentials:

AstroMike on Amazon.com wrote: “I am pretty disappointed. The shipping took a lil over 2 weeks, and after I finally received them, after a weeks use, I didn’t notice any kind of tired/relaxed feeling. At least these didn’t cost me too much :(.”

Kone on Amazon.com wrote: “This product has 3 mg of Melatonin which is a sleep inducing hormone naturally produced in the body. Taking one tablet 30 minutes before retiring will give the “yawns” by bedtime. I only use it when I am “wired” and know I will not be able to get to sleep. It has worked for me 90% of the time which for me is a 5-star product. It is not habit forming and will not give a hangover effect the next morning.”

James Cooke on Amazon.com wrote: “Didn’t help me sleep at all.”

Is it safe?

Sleep Essential’s formula should be safe when consumed by a healthy adult. WARNING: If you suffer from any heart conditions or arrhythmia then we do not recommend that you use Sleep Essential as the formula contains skullcap – an ingredient that may cause irregular heart beats or palpitations.

How much is it?

When it comes to pricing, Sleep Essentials is definitely a winner. At only $5.49 per bottle, you get 60 capsules, which will last you nearly two entire months as the suggested dose is only 1 capsule per night. You can look for the product in your local pharmacy or you can place an order online via SwansonVitamins.com or Amazon.com

Final Judgment

If you’re on a super tight budget but desperately need a sleep aid supplement then we would certainly recommend Sleep Essentials. However, the reviews online from various customers show both positive and negative reactions to the product, which tells us that it may not suit everyone’s needs. Perhaps if you experience only slight or occasional sleeplessness then this supplement could help. Otherwise, however, spend the few extra bucks and get yourself a stronger, more effective product – such as one from our top rated list!


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