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What is it?

Let’s admit one thing – no matter how desperate we are to get some sleep, we want to wake up feeling better and not worse than the night before. What’s the point of getting long hours of sleep if you’re just going to wake up feeling groggy, irritable and with an intolerable desire to go back to bed? For this reason, everyone at TopSleepAids.com is always looking for the next best sleep aid – one that can get you to sleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling greater than ever. It seems like we’ve already found our favorite sleep aid, but can Unisom SleepGels beat the golden winner?

What’s in it?

It turns out that Unisom SleepGels is just another generic antihistamine product. Each softgel contains 50 mg of diphenhydramine HCI, an antihistamine commonly used to treat sleep problems. Here’s how diphenhydramine HCI basically works – it decreases the amount of histamine production in the body, which leads to a sleepy feeling. When taking sleep aids containing diphenhydramine HCI, it is common to feel drowsy before actually falling asleep.

What can it do for you?

Unisom SleepGels worked exactly like any other antihistamine sleep aid would –about an hour after taking the product and our users were off to slumber land. Most of them did struggle to wake up and felt as though they lacked enough sleep. Here’s what other customers on the web wrote: “It does the job of putting you to sleep, but I feel very drugged up about an hour while it’s kicking in. I switched back to melatonin. It’s natural and doesn’t give me that “drugged up” feeling,” and “I’m pregnant and my dr recommended me to take unisom and b6 at night for my morning sickness and neasua. When I took it I easily fell asleep but I could not sleep through the night I would wake up at least 3-4 times. I work up irritable…”

Is it safe?

When taken occasionally, diphenhydramine HCI is typically safe and non-habit forming. The package also states that you should not take the product for more than 14 days. Certain users have experienced minor headaches, nausea and irritability after taking the product. If this occurs to you then we recommend that you speak to your physician.

How much is it?

The package containing 60 Unisom softgels costs $11.29 on Amazon.com. For a simple antihistamine product, we must admit that Unisom is a bit overpriced. Other antihistamine-based sleep aids typically cost anywhere between $3-8.

Final Judgment

Unisom SleepGels is an antihistamine-based sleep aid that is designed to treat occasional sleeplessness. Here are a few example scenarios of when you should use Unisom: back from a trip and suffering from jetlag, had a stressful day and can’t get to sleep, feeling extra anxious and can’t get the mind to power down, etc.

While there are certain customers that had good experiences with Unisom, we were surprised to find that there are quite a lot of people who seem to disagree. Certain users have seen unwanted side effects after taking this product, and while this is not uncommon with an antihistamine sleep aid, we can’t help but praise natural-based sleep supplements that don’t cause such adverse side effects. Unisom is also quite overpriced, which is why we haven’t given this product a score as good as it could’ve achieved.


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