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What is it?

Z-Matrix by EVLUTION NUTRITION is a sleep-amplifying supplement that aims to help with muscle recovery and growth during your night’s rest-eye. This supplement received some pretty good ratings on BodyBuilding.com, which captured our attention and made us eager to learn more about it.

A lot of things don’t happen overnight, but muscle growth is not one of them. In fact, muscle growth hormone release and testosterone production predominantly take place while you’re enjoying your peaceful slumber. Supplement companies definitely are aware of this, which is why they’ve taken the liberty of creating muscle-enhancing overnight products. With a lot of competitive brands in the market, we wonder whether Z-Matrix can meet the standards and bring something new to the table.

What’s in it?

Z-Matrix’ night recovery formula is pretty simple, which should not put you off (oftentimes, the simpler, the better). It contains 30 mg of Zinc – this helps to balance hormone levels and support the immune system, 500 IU of Vitamin D3 – which supports muscle and bone health, 200 mg of L-Theanine – contains relaxing properties that help to ease anxiety, 5 mg of Bioperine – helps with nutrient uptake, 100 mg of folic acid – aids in the production of proteins, 11 mg of Vitamin B6 – may support protein synthesis and brain function, and lastly 450 mg of Magnesium Aspartame, which supports muscle function.

What can it do for you?

Check out some of the reviews that users shared online:

Allagash14 from BodyBuilding.com wrote: “Definitely like it, promoted deep sleep and was well rested when I woke up. Even took during cross country flight, helped.. No jet lag.”

JGrahamL from BodyBuilding.com wrote: “In all honesty, this helps a bit in muscle recovery at night…. On the down side of this product it has given me bad headaches. It does not help you get to sleep, but once you are a sleep you get a deep sleep.”

Is it safe?

Since the potency of the formula is not very high, side effects are not a main concern for us. However, we have seen a few customers reporting cases of headaches and nausea. If this occurs to you then we suggest to discontinue use.

How much is it?

One bottle of Z-Matrix costs $14.99 on BodyBuilding.com. The website is also having a Buy 1, Get 1 Free promotion which is only available for a short period of time. The bottle has 120 capsules and the recommended dose is 4 capsules half an hour to an hour before sleep, meaning the product will last you a month.

Final Judgment

Overall, the formula is good but it’s not anything that we haven’t seen before. Some customers have mentioned that the supplement doesn’t work effectively to induce sleep, which makes sense considering the fact that the formula does not contain any potent sleep-enhancing ingredients (with the exception of L-Theanine). Since the price of the product is fairly cheap you could give it a try, but if you’re serious about fitness then please know that there are far better options out there with a stronger, more effective formula.


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