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What is it?

These LiquiCaps are designed to help you get “a beautiful night’s rest, so you can wake up feeling refreshed.” There are actually 4 flavors available – original, Warming Berry, Calming Vanilla Cherry and Soothing Mango Berry. Sounds good (and delicious) enough, but can this product really add some decent Zzz’s to your night? Or better yet, can it help you wake up feeling bright and refreshed? Keep reading to find out.

What’s in it?

Interestingly enough, each one of these sleep LiquiCaps only contains one single active ingredient, which is 25 mg of Diphenhydramine HCI. This substance is actually an antihistamine, meaning it can be used to treat the common cold, hay fever and certain allergies. However, it does have sedative properties, which is why some supplement companies use it as part of sleep aid formulas. Diphenhydramine HCI has not actually been proven to help with sleep quality, so even though it may induce relaxation and eventually sleep, don’t expect to have that ‘Good morning world, let’s start the day!’ type feeling in the morning.

What can it do for you?

As mentioned above, ZzzQuil may work on certain users to help them sleep. However, due to the nature of antihistamines (in this case, Diphenhydramine HCI) in general, the product may disturb regular sleeping patterns. Diphenhydramine HCI may be useful to those who experience occasional sleeplessness or have jetlag, but it’s not recommended to use it chronically and for long periods of time.

Is it safe?

Diphenhydramine HCI should not be taken at a dose of above 50 mg. ZzzQuil contains 25 mg and the recommended dose is two bottles 30 minutes before bedtime. Should you exceed this amount, WebMD states that you may experience dryness (in the mouth, nose, throat), blurred vision, stomachaches, drowsiness and more. For this reason, it is best to stick to the recommended dose and not increase your intake even if you feel like the product isn’t working or that it’s not helping you sleep. In the case that you experience any of the side effects mentioned, please discontinue use and consult your physician. There are much safer sleep-aid options available in the market that actually can be used everyday and for extended periods of time without causing any harm.

How much is it?

A pack of 48 LiquiCaps costs around $11 on Amazon.com. Since the suggested dose is 2 ZzzQuil’s per night, the box should last nearly a month. As mentioned beforehand, however, researchers do not recommend for Diphenhydramine HCI to be taken everyday and/or for extended periods of time. The nature of antihistamines also causes it to decrease levels of acetylcholine (neurotransmitters/chemicals in the brain that are responsible for learning), which can impact cognitive function.

Final Judgment

ZzzQuil is a sleep-aid supplement that may appeal to many for its (very!) cheap price tag. That being said, we had to take a closer look at what the product consists of and what it can do. Each LiquiCap includes 25 mg of Diphenhydramine HCI, which is an antihistamine that has sedative properties. To be completely frank, there are tons and tons of supplement companies who have advanced their researched to be able to develop sleep-enhancing products that are both safe and effective. Some of the best and most esteemed ingredients include Valerian Root, GABA, Chamomile and even Melatonin. ZzzQuil can be a good sleep aid option for those with an extremely tight budget and who only need it for a few nights. However, if you’re looking for better quality sleep that can help you feel more rejuvenated and refreshed come morning time, we suggest that you direct your attention elsewhere, such as our editors’ top 5 choices!


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